Additions & Renovations

No plans? No worries!

We’ll love to talk to you even when your project is just an idea in your head.

We offer an obligation free consultation, where we will come out to you on site and give you an hour of our time so you can pick our brains. We will give you an idea of the costs involved using a per square meter rate of construction costs.

If you want us to take care of all the planning & approvals for you? We will be delighted to do so.

Already have plans? Even better! We will provide you with an obligation free lump sum quote within two weeks of our visit.

We only use the best people and materials available. In fact, the majority of  BMACO’s trades people has been working with us for at least 5 years. Their friendliness and care factor is something that we get complimented on a regular bases.

All in all, the combination of all of the above is what will make the difference. Please make sure you ask us for our happy client’s contact details and they will tell you.



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